When someone recommended this guy... I was FLOORED when I came home after my first cleaning. I couldn't catch anything they missed which was amazing because usually cleaners quite frankly miss things or leave streaks but not this guy!... and the level of detail is what I most appreciate every week... the tissues are folded nicely, the plants rearranged at times to my liking, my bed is made tightly like a hotel, there are even beautiful vacuum streak lines on my couch so it looks new!
Hesitant at first... leaving my keys with them turned out to be absolutely fine as I feel like my space is respected which is important to me.
The real truth about it is... I love my home 100 times more and just want to STAY home now and enjoy it since I commited to the service 6 months ago. If you hesitate... DON'T! Consider just how much it improves your life and how you feel when you return home from work. It's actually quite priceless. And level of service is missing in companies these days so it is REALLY nice to be reminded that someone out there really is passionate about what they do... which the people at Royal Cleaning Company seem to be since the level of detail is what speaks. 10 Stars for this company!!! Sincere THANK YOU! I look forward to this weeks cleaning! :)"

-Troy Z., Emeryville, CA

"If I told my mother I paid to have someone else clean my one bedroom apartment, she would flip out. Not because I'm handing keys over to a complete stranger, but because she obviously didn't instill the rich pleasure and hard won satisfaction that comes from doing the job yourself. The only time I ever saw my mother drink was a small glass after a long morning of house cleaning.

Since Caleb came into our lives, a weight is lifted from my shoulders. It was not an easy choice, because it is a definite expense, but I am sold. I could actually care less about the rose detail on the roll of toilet paper; its the thorough attention to cleanliness that I'm into. The dust is absent and crap neatly consolidated. He even left a holiday card today. And tomorrow, I don't have to worry about coming home to shuffle my junk in order to make room for dinner."

-J A., San Francisco, CA

"I contact Caleb for my sister who had just move in her new apartment with a small baby and needed deep cleaning everywhere. Because she is very precise and picky I was concern about recommending anyone. But Caleb and his team did everything the way it supposed to be done - like moving the fridge and clean behind it...At the end, my sister was extremely satisfied with the service she received and keep thanking me for sending them!!"

- Anna A., Jersey City, NJ

"I met Caleb while I was checking out the wedding facilities at Stern Grove. He was cleaning the lodge there for a wedding. After talking with him, I hired him to clean the lodge for my wedding and to also clean my flat, since there would be many out-of-towners coming through my flat for the wedding. I had never has a cleaning service before and was somewhat apprehensive about having a stranger in my home while I was at work. No need to worry, Caleb was on time, very professional, used my natural products that I requested he use and now my house is spotless and I no longer dread doing housework. Thanks Caleb, you have made life easier for me and my spouse.."

- David H., San Francisco, CA

"At the risk of sounding redundant, these guys do a great job. Caleb and his team are extremely motivated and very professional. We needed an all around cleaning as we were expecting a baby and were so pleased with the job that we immediately booked Caleb on a continuous basis.

We highly recommend Caleb and the rest of the Royal Cleaning team to anyone looking for a professional, friendly and meticulous cleaning experience."

- Thomas L., San Francisco, CA

"I highly recommend this cleaning service. At first I was apprehensive, because I needed to give him (a complete stranger) keys to my place and I wasn't sure if his service would be worth the fees that he requested because it is not inexpensive... but I was pleasantly surprised that they were still there when I got home from work... Caleb is truly a professional... everything was so clean & organized... my closets were a nightmare before Caleb and his assistant came over... and now it looks so neat as it should be. I am very impressed and happy that he is able to fit me in his busy schedule as a biweekly customer!"

- Mrya M., San Francisco, CA

"I wish I could give ten stars. I love Caleb and the work he and Royal Cleaning Co. does for our house! Love, love, LOVE HIM. New baby, 2 dogs, working full time...hubby and I needed someone to make the house squeaky clean, and Caleb rescued us!

Caleb is professional and incredibly thorough. The house smells, looks and feels clean - SUPER CLEAN - after he is finished. He cleans everything and he cleans it well. I'm incredibly picky about cleaning, and he exceeds all of my expectations. We use him once a week and wish we used him every day.

If you need a great cleaning company, contact Caleb!"

- Rebecca K., San Francisco, CA

"Caleb and his staff do a great job! He doesn't clean my house, but he cleans the office I work at and because of his superior cleaning skills our office always looks super clean.

Plus, he's really nice and professional!"

- Sara L., San Francisco, CA

"I am very happy I am able to have Caleb and Royal Cleaning Company as my house keeper. They are very dependable and do a terrific job. My apartment is flawless after their work is done. They are meticulous and responsible. They make a great difference adding cleanliness and more organization into my daily life, with a gentle and attentive touch. I can't think about any downside in having their services. Responsible, sensible, affordable...What else could I want? Thanks Caleb!!!"

- Danny P., San Francisco, CA

"Royal is the greatest! Caleb and Juliana came and spent about 4 hours on our place doing the 1st deep clean. You could eat off the floors by the time they left!

Everything was perfect and the little touches are really what got me: Toilet paper rossettes, special towel folding etc. They were so thorough and efficient!

If you have pets, they are so great with them. My cats are a little suspicious of new people but they were totally relaxed with Caleb and Juliana, they just slept through the whole thing!

We are very happy with Royal Cleaning, they are professional, responsive, responsible and very, very effective! The rates are just right especially for what you get. They are definitely a notch above anyone else.

They are due back in 2 weeks. I will update then and probably just have more wonderful things to say."

- C and K F., Brisbane, CA

"I live in a 4 bedroom apt with other house-mates and cleaning is unfortunately NOT our forte ... we hooked up with Royal Cleaning Co. through Calebe and he totally RaWkS! He and his team are totally thorough and meticulous with the cleaning... they're also considerate of your personal objects and totally trustworthy. Simply put, they do a GREAT job! I never fail to get compliments on my place when I guests over after a cleaning. I mean, my space is humble, but even a humble home, when clean and organized can look great. Also TOTALLY affordable too so my housemates and I truly feel like we're getting the "Royal Treatment." Thanks Calebe! :)"

- Miriam O., San Francisco, CA

"Wow, I don't even want to think about what my apartment used to look like before I hired these guys to clean every other week! They are very meticulous, and do a great job. I've tried others that cost more, but they weren't nearly as thorough and detailed. Besides residential stuff, they do corporate and retail jobs too. Just call and ask for Caleb -- he'll hook you up!"

- Adam Z., San Francisco, CA

"I recently moved into a new place in Sausalito and decided to have it cleaned since it was a large house with nobody living in it for quite some time. Caleb and his staff did an outstanding job! I am also impressed with the way they arrange your fresh towels and make the beds! Very nice! I gave them 5 stars because I honestly couldn't find one thing they missed and feel they went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you Royal Cleaning Co!"

- Alli S., Sausalito, CA

"First if all I must say that Caleb is extremely friendly and professional young man. I contacted Royal Cleaning Company for a "Move-out" cleaning of my old apartment. I lived there for seven years and the place was DIRTY. Caleb and his assistant did a great job. I was so impressed that I am going to hire Royal Cleaning Company to clean my new apartment on a regular basis."

- Robert W., San Francisco, CA

"I've been thinking about hiring a cleaning service for my studio (that's right, A STUDIO) for years. First, I was embarrassed that I even needed a cleaning service (uh, it's only 400 sq. feet!). Then, I thought it would be too expensive and that I should be saving that money for a rainy day fund. But the more I thought about it, I realized what's more embarrassing is going home to a dustbin of an apartment. Let's be real, who wants to scrub the floor after a full day of work and a 4 mile run? Not me. Purely based on the Yelp reviews, I decided to give Royal Cleaning Co. a try. And let's just say, I never knew that my apartment could sparkle. Case in point: my claw foot tub. I always thought that the stains on the porcelain were there for life. I've scrubbed and scrubbed, used cleanser with bleach and left it on there for 24 hours to no avail. When I came home yesterday, it was spotless! This is just one example...I could go on and on. Caleb is super professional and easy to work with. It's the best money I've spent in years. No purse can give me the satisfaction of coming home to a clean and tidy apartment!"

- Pilar P., San Francisco, CA

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